Ferryplan performs no-nonsense, quick and innovative; the people behind Ferryplan are driven and experienced...

Johan Hania and Rob Joosten team together for more than twenty years in which they pair their own practical knowledge with theoretical insight. In the past decennia they have build up a huge practical expertise about ferries due to several roles and activities in Holland and abroad. Both having expertise and being experienced in the field of operation of ferries and watertaxi's, they joined forces to establish the Dutch Ferry Platform. Their approach to projects is not standard: innovative but no-nonsense, quick but well thought over, respectful concerning local ideas but original, smart and humorous.

If you are interested in a business plan for a new or already existing ferry, or searching true experience in procurement, a marketing plan, a technical plan, a safety plan, a financial plan concerning operating costs etc., please contact us. Leave a message and we get in touch with you within the next 24 hours.


Ferry Plan can provide a tailor-made plan to put into service or commercially upgrade a ferry. To this end ferry plan has ample experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for new projects. Ferry plan uses local ideas to incorporate this into its own vision. Nationally and internationally.

 Are you looking for a turnkey project, do you need expertise for a project, does your marketing work not properly? Ferry Plan recommends based on theoretical expertise combined with practical experience.


Team Ferry Plan

Johan Hania is manager of Riveer, a ferry service in Gorinchem region, near Rotterdam, Holland. Riveer is an innovative ferry service that is performing very well with the operation of car /truck, foot and bicycle ferries and water taxis. See www.riveer.nl . Johan started his career being a sailor and later he was captain on several kind of ships. He developed further and grew into a management position. So he knows how to handle both ships and crew. As a manager Johan has build many ships and started or took over over different ferry exploitation. This is the reason Ferryplan performs as a very practical, down to earth consultant, with a load of experience.


Rob Joosten studied tourism/Leisure and Economic Geography at the University of Utrecht. He is an independent consultant who works for companies, municipalities and regional development corporations in the field of economics, planning and business area development (www.rjabv.com). In addition, over more then two decennia he has gathered specific competences concerning development and operation  of ferry services.


Rob and Johan work together as a team on ferry topics for twentyfive years. Theoretical expertise and experience are combined due to the experience in operating several ferry services. Since 1995 together they were ten years responsible for the operation of Riveer. They succeeded to realize a huge growth in number of passengers and ships. For CROW Johan and Rob offered to share their specific knowledge about water transport to start a online Dutch knowledge base on ferries. From 2006 Johan is Chairman of the Dutch National Ferry Platform (LVP) in which Rob was consultant until 2020. The LVP represents many of the the Dutch ferry's in all kinds of general theoretical and practical matters. Recently the LVP published Changing sides. The economic and social relevance of the ferry services in the Netherlands in 2015/2016 (see download).



What can we do for you?

Ferry Plan accepts (international) assignments on behalf of governments and entrepreneurs. The assignments range from preparing business plans, developing new and improving existing operations, development and procuration of new ferries, doing market research, etc. Ferry Plan has experience with all types of ferries: water taxis, (unmanned electric) pedestrian/bicycle, automobile/truck ferries, fast ferries. Obviously we have ample experience in matters such as obtaining grants, in safety matters, in process- and project management. The package also includes emergency response / rescue on water and demand-driven transport.


Why Ferry Plan?

Our method is characterized by a smooth no-nonsense approach where we develop innovative original ideas, from a certain starting point often brought on by the client. The solutions found and plans are feasible, also financially and regarding the wishes of the client. Often we work with local and regional governments who require a different approach. Ferry Plan can deal with this. Ferry Plan has its own unique vision that has proven itself in practice in the last two decades. Many ideas of Ferry Plan are being copied elsewhere. For each river, canal or stream, Ferry Plan provides a safe crossing!


The economic and social relevance of the ferry services in the Netherlands in 2015/2016
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